DiCon Lighting
DiCon Lighting
LED technology stands as the future of lighting. More so than any other light source, LEDs allow for longer lifetimes, better energy efficiency, and the unprecedented ability to mix, match and create dynamic lighting by using superior optics to create a number of exciting effects.
Integrating LED technology into lighting fixtures, however, comes with an unchartered set of challenges that traditional lighting never had to manage. In addition to brainstorming innovative designs, lighting companies must also amalgamate an inter-disciplinary background in advanced engineering and science to create a great product. For example, in addition to typical mechanical designs, LED product designers must find ways to improve and manage a fixture's thermal management, electronic controls, and optics.
DiCon Lighting is uniquely positioned to take on the challenges of 21st century lighting and LED technology. With over 25 years in the photonics industry, DiCon Lighting has accumulated years of experience in engineering complex electrical optical systems with intelligent, sophisticated controls that are proven to have high durability and reliability. With this established team of experts in place and access to a proprietary Dense Matrix LED™ platform, it has built a strong family of brands that feature the best lighting fixtures for professional and general consumer markets.
DiCon Lighting is excited to usher in this new age of light by precisely engineering light and effectively delivering it to you through a continuously expanding family of brands.